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Saturday Feb 24

What We Do

What We Do Objective
-To design and manufacture top-of–the–line machinery for seed production and foodstuffs
-To develop native – born knowledge as well as compatible world technology achievements in
the machinery manufacturing for various geographical and climate conditions
-To focus on the customer's views and their experiences in the machinery design
-To deliver well-timed , effective technical supportive services to the Iranian customers
-To create job directly : and to prevent the currency flow outside the Islamic country, to produce
quality seeds for grain production and self-sufficiency
-To create job indirectly – installation and operation of every produced system in every deprived
proviences, but susceptible to agriculture could employ many farmer families
After sales services
- All produced systems of the company are guaranteed for 12 months and after sales servies are
guaranteed for 12 months and after sales services are guaranteed for 10 years
- We also supply the spare parts