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Complete specifactions of winnowing system for Colza and Canola as well as Microlithics and unctuous




Complete specifications of winnowing system for colza and canola as well as
Microlithics and unctuous seeds including

1-Number one elevator : is equipped with a depot hopper, an adaptable access door to control the input to the unit also has a ladder,a landing and some rubber shock absorber clappers which convey the product in to the winnowing unit.

2-winnowing unit:This is equipped with two floor sieves that are used to separate the impurities which larger the product.

3-Number two elevator: it works like the number one elevator it is used to convey the pre- winnowing product to the first one.

4- Winnowing unit: has a cerntral two sided draw throw fan and two sieves, the sieves are being cleaned by small balls, the unit is also equipped with ladder and landing system that are used for setting of unit . The winnowing system is to separate small, large and light materials.

5- Number one cyclone and separator: the unit is used to control impure materials such as dust and straw from the first winnowing system.

6- The third elevator:is working like the second one that is used to convey the product from first winnowing system to the second one.

7- The second winnowing system: has the same specifications and equipments as the first one the system is used to enhance the quality of product as an standard one.

8- Number two cyclone and separator : the system is the same as the first one and it is to control impure materials such as dust and  straw from the second winnowing system.

9- Number 4 elevator system: has the same specification components and operability as number three,it will convey the product from the second winnowing system to the disinfectant system.

10- The disinfection unit:the is equipped with a 4 meter spiral, it is used to mix the insecticide with the product, it is also used convey the intoxicated product into the scale system , based on the order it could be used for both powder insecticideand fluid insecticide, the fluid insecticide system is equipped with a chassis to support the tank a 600 l scaled tank is used for 10 permanent working hours the electro-pump,its concerning components as well as intoxications for liquid and powder  insecticides.
11- Number 5 elevator: has the same specifications and components and operability as theforth one. It will convey the product from the disinfectant system to the weighting system.

12- Digital Bascule: is equipped with a hopper to maintain  the needed product for weighting , it is also equipped with a display to set the  weight of bag, and to count the number of bags, it is adaptable to computer and could simultaneously weight the bags when they are being filled.

13- Belt conveyer unit : is used to convey the filled and weighted bag.

is equipped with a piano electric panel,    14- Electric panel: complete winnowing line
all of the control switches are installed on the panel and the systems are centrally turned on or turned off in one position.

Technical specications
Length: 2000 cm
Height : 700cm
Utilized 75A-3Ph

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