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About Us

Ram Sanat Bahareh is premier of Agriculture Machinery Manufacturers Co in Iran



The companyis active in the private sector, so , founder of the company Mr. Hamidreza Ghasemi – Managing
Director , Mr. Ramin Ghasemi – Chairman of Board of Directors, & production manager decided
to produce mechanization system in agriculture sector as well as foodstuffs, to advance the quality
of agriculture products.

We had the opportunity in 2003 to execute the development plan of Ram Sanat Bahareh in a new
place named Robat Karim province. New branch is located at Nasirabad Industrial City , it took
three years when the construction operations of the development plan was ended, the new branch
was ready for utilization in 2007 and the production line began in august 2007.



More than 56 experts of design and engineering department , as well as technical, production,
commercial and sales departments have cooperated with Mr. Hamidreza Ghasemi and Mr. Ramin
Ghasemi from the date of establishment up to now to innovate successfully and have remarkable



Ram Sanat Bahareh has two decades of successful experience in the production of agriculture
machinery. At the outset of the company has focused on the development strategy to promote
agriculture devices and equipment , conversion industries and packing industries , we have planed
to utilize the advanced modern technologies of the world to easily achieve our long- term objectives.
Advanced of technology and the enhanced consumption standards has motivated the industry
owners to take basic steps to enhance the products quality , to utilize effective and modern
technology as well as sound automation to satisfy the current needs effectively. Thus , cleaning,
disinfecting , and classifying systems are seriously used in the production process; so, Designing
and engineering team of Ram Sanat Bahareh have incessantly developed solutions to the satisfy
the needs of agriculture industry.

-To design and manufacture top-of–the–line machinery for seed production and foodstuffs
-To develop native – born knowledge as well as compatible world technology achievements in
the machinery manufacturing for various geographical and climate conditions
-To focus on the customer's views and their experiences in the machinery design
-To deliver well-timed , effective technical supportive services to the Iranian customers
-To create job directly : and to prevent the currency flow outside the Islamic country, to produce
quality seeds for grain production and self-sufficiency
-To create job indirectly – installation and operation of every produced system in every deprived
proviences, but susceptible to agriculture could employ many farmer families
After sales services
- All produced systems of the company are guaranteed for 12 months and after sales servies are
guaranteed for 12 months and after sales services are guaranteed for 10 years
- We also supply the spare parts